Events & Festivals in Varanasi

There are many colourful events / festivals celebrated in Varanasi other than Holi and Diwali. The festivals are celebrated with pomp and joy. The ceremonies and rituals draw thousands of tourists not only from across the country but from around the world. These festivals help in keeping the age old customs and traditions alive. The unique festival calendar goes throughout the year, giving the liberty to plan your tour to Varanasi anytime and every time.

We wish to inform you that we have provided details of following EVENTS & FESTIVALS in Varanasi in sub-menu-

Events / Festival Calender

Events & Festivals
2013 2014 2015
Ganga Mahotsav 13-16 Nov 3-5 Nov 22-24 Nov
Dev Deepawali 17-Nov 06-Nov 25-Nov
Dhrupad Mela   26-28 Feb 15-17 Feb
Budhh Poornima   14-May 04-May
Ramleela of Ramnagar 18 Sep-18 Oct 8 Sep-8 Oct 27 Sep-27 Oct
Sankat Mochan Music Festival   19-23 Apr 8-12 Apr
Nag Nathaiya 07-Nov 27-Oct 15-Nov
Bharat Milap October or November October or November October or November
Nakkatayya October or November October or November October or November

VaranasiTourismTravel’s recommendation for Events - Even though all the Events of Varanasi have their own importance but if you want to visit the Holy city for Event then we recommend you to attend 'Dev Deepawali'.