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Tulsi Ghat


Tulsi Ghat is located very close to Lalark Kund.

How to Reach

You can reach Tulsi Ghat by Car, Auto-rickshaw or by Cycle-rickshaw.


Tulsi Ghat is dedicated to the 16th century poet saint Tulsidas, is also the site of the large water purification plant. Tulsidas lived here till his death in 1623A.D. Tulsidas is author of great India epic Ramcharitmanas. According to mythology Tulsidas’s manuscript had fallen in River Ganga but instead of sinking, it floated. It is also believed that first time Ramlila was staged at Tulsi Ghat. The house where he attained Moksha, many of his relics, pillow, wooden clogs, Samadhi place and a cute idol of Lord Hanuman are preserved here. Some relics of Tulsidas are still preserved here along with the house where Tulsidas had died. Tulsi Ghat was made cemented in 1941 by famous industrialist Baldeo Das Birla. Tulsi Ghat was earlier known as Lolark Ghat. Tulsi Ghat is associated with a number of important activities such as Dhrupad Mela and Nag Nathaiya, which a major attraction in Varanasi and attracts large number of crowd. Krishna Lila (play) is staged at Tulsi Ghat with great fanfare and devotion. Tulsi Ghat is also associated with bath of Lolark Kund (to be blessed with sons and their long life) and the sacred bath to get rid of leprosy.