Jaunpur is located in the state of Uttar Pradesh in North India. Jaunpur is 63 kms from Varanasi and 102 kms from Allahabad. Nearest airport is in Varanasi at a distance of 43 kms.

How to Reach

Jaunpur is very well connected by Rail and Road. From Varanasi you can reach Jaunpur by Train, Bus or Taxi. If you are travelling by air then take a flight to Varanasi and from Varanasi, take a taxi or bus to reach Jaunpur.

Best Time to Visit

Anytime of the year but preferably from October to March to avoid hot summers.


Jaunpur is a historical city situated on the banks of River Gomti and it was founded in 14th century by Firoz Shah Tughlaq who had named this city in memory of his cousin Sultan Mohammad whose real name was Jauna. Jaunpur was of great importance during medieval times and now it attracts number of tourists from around the world specially the architectural historians for its mosques, built in a unique style as the most impressive mosques were built on the ruins of Hindu, Buddhist and Jain Temples. The tourist attractions in Jaunpur consists of monuments, museums and holy places. Jaunpur was an important centre for Islamic studies and known for its Jasmine oil, tobacco leaves, raddish and imarti (sweet). Jaunpur was a very famous centre of art and learning during medieval period. Many Ghats have been built along River Gomti like Hanuman Ghat, Achala Ghat etc.

Rulers of Jaunpur

Sharqi Dynasty
Malik Sarwar Khwaja-yi Jahan
Malik Qaranful Mubarrak Shah
Ibrahim Shams-ud-Din
Mahmud Shah
Mohammed Shah Bhikan Khan
Husain Shah
Sher Shah Suri

Places of Interest in Jaunpur

Atala mosque

Atala mosque represents the earliest and an excellent example of Sharquie architecture and conforms to the general plan of an orthodox mosque. The most distinctive feature of Atala mosque is the original treatment of the facade of its prayer hall which comprises of three large ornamental archways, the central one of which soars to a height of 23 mtrs.

Jama mosque

Jama Masjid was built by Hussain Shah in 1478 which is the largest mosque in Jaunpur with a huge dome on top of the prayer hall. Jama Masjid houses a courtyard of approximately 65 square metres.

Lal Darwaza mosque

Lal Darwaza mosque is a small mosque constructed in around year 1450 and it is attributed to Bibi Raji, the queen of Sultan Mahmud Shah.

Khalis Mukhlis mosque

Khalis Mukhlis mosque was constructed by Malik Mukhlis and Khalis in year 1417.

Shahi Bridge

Shahi Bridge was constructed by Munim Khan in year 1568.

Shitla Choukiya Dham

Shitla Choukiya Dham is a famous ancient temple dedicated to Maa Shitla Devi.

Yamdagni Ashram

Yamdagni Ashram is a religious centre dedicated to Saint Parashuram.

Other places of interest include Shahi Qila, Khwab-gah, Dargah Chishti, Pan-e-Sharif, Jahangiri Masjid, Akbari Bridge and the tombs of the Sharquie Sultans.