Bazaar walk and Ganga Aarati

The by lanes of Varanasi are equally famous as its Temples. Varanasi is a city of winding alleys with lively markets, each specializing in something. Fabrics, metal ware, milk products, snacks, sweetmeats, handicrafts, wedding decorations, Temple stuff, bangles – Varanasi has it all. The bazaars are at their colourful best in the evening and best explored on foot and by cycle-rickshaw. The best way to end an evening in Varanasi is at Dasashwamedh Ghat, where you can watch group of priests perform the evening prayers to the Ganges.

How the tour works

This tour starts at the Town Hall (Maidagin). From here, you walk through a colourful fabric and saree market to visit a Goshala (a charitable sanctuary for stray cows). At the goshala, you can understand more about the “sacred cow” and see how Varanasi’s bovine inhabitants are cared for. From the Goshala, you will take a cycle-rickshaw ride through the main market of the city to reach Chowk. From Chowk, you have to walk again, covering the following:

    The wedding market (Kinari Bazaar)

    Kachori Gali (lane of kachoris, these are deep-fried snacks very popular in Varanasi)

    Khoa Gali (this lane sells milk products including paneer and condensed, sweetened milk)

    Vishwanath Gali (the most famous of all lanes in Varanasi)

From Vishwanath Gali, you will walk up to Dasashwamedh Ghat, where you can view the evening Ganga aarti. After Ganga aarti you can return back to your hotel by rickshaw or by your car.

Total duration: 3 to 3.5 hours

When: All days of the week, starting around 4pm. Start time varies depending on weather, so check with tour operator.

Start Place: Town Hall

End Place: Dasashwamedh Ghat


  • Rs 1500 per person for 2 persons

  • Rs 1000 per person for 3-4 persons

  • Rs 800 per person for 5-6 persons

  • Rs 600 per person for 7-8 persons

            Maximum group size is usually not more than 6-8 people. Payment is by cash on the day of the tour

Includes: Knowledgeable English-speaking guide, illustrated handouts and personalised walk. If you need pickup/drop from your hotel by car then Rs 1000 more has to be paid.

Tour Notes

Please wear sensible closed footwear. The bazaars are dense so please keep pace with the guide. Please be sensitive and discreet if you are photographing people, especially mendicants, women or those from religious orders. There are no Western-style toilets easily available anywhere in the vicinity of the walk.

Contact Details of Tour Operators

Name                                                                                                              Telephone Number

Varuna Travels,Pandey Haveli                                                                    91 (0542) 2393371, 2393372

Ashok Tour & Travels, ITDC Indian Airlines Building, Cantoment    91 (0542) 2503432, 2502548

Surabhi Travel, Cooperative building, Nadesar                                       91 (0542) 2502664, 2507819

TSI , Sri Das Foundation, Cantt, Varanasi                                                91 (0542) 2505928, 2500289

Travel Assistant, Varuna Bridge                                                                  91 (0542) 2502954

Abhiyan Tour & Travel, Mint House, Nadesar                                         91 (0542) 2311596

Cosmic Travel , Varuna Bridge                                                                    91 (0542) 2502246, 2504526

Morning Tours and Evening Tours are Organized from the Tourist Bungalow (Parade Kothi- Opposite Railway Station) and the Govt. of India Tourist Office, Cantonment.