Other Temples in Varanasi

Nepali Hindu Temple

Nepali Hindu Temple is a small golden Temple, built in Nepali architecture, near Lalita Ghat. Nepali Temple was built by the King of Nepal on Lalita Ghat in Nepali style,

Shitala Temple

Shitala Temple is a white Temple dedicated to Shitala Maa, the smallpox goddess. Shitala Temple is situated at Shitala Ghat.  Santoshi Mata (Mother of Contentment) shrine is added to this Temple.

Chausath Yogini Temple

Chausath Yogini Temple is situated just above the Chausath Yogini Ghat. It was originally devoted to a tantric cult.  Now it is devoted to Kali. The deity here is known as 'Maa' (mother).


Apart from above there are other significant Temples include the Sakshi Vinayaka Temple of Lord Ganesha, the Bindu Madhav Temple near the Panchaganga Ghat and the Tailang Swami Math.