Health Care

There are a few health concerns tourists to Varanasi should take note of. Tourists commonly suffer from upset stomachs, which can stem from contaminated water or food, unhygienic preparation or even just from the spiciness of some dishes. While Imodium will solve most minor cases of diarrhea, most serious cases of gastroenteritis or dysentery will need to be treated with antibiotics. Other health threats include typhoid, cholera and jaundice.

The best way to avoid getting sick from food or water is to only eat at busy and reputable eateries that look clear. It is also necessary to avoid drinking tap water and to check the seal on bottled water. HIV infection is high and visitors should take precautions. Make sure all standard vaccinations are up to date before visiting and consult your doctor about other recommended inoculations.

Here are some important contact numbers for emergency use:

Police:            100

Fire:                101

Ambulance: 102

Many Ayurveda centers are there along with several hospitals like Varanasi Hospital and Medical Research Centre, Heritage Hospital, Varanasi, Shiv Prasad Gupta Hospital, Sir Sundar Lal Hospital, Rajkiya Hospital, Mata Anand Mai Hospital, Ram Krishna Mission Hospital, Marwari Hospital, and a Cancer Institute.