Money Exchange

While in Varanasi, money exchange must be one of your primary concerns. You need not worry and rack your brains over currency exchange in Varanasi. There are plenty of money exchangers here and most hotels also offer this service to tourists who come from outside India. Just to make sure that you travel safe while in Varanasi, convert your money into Traveler's Cheques. They are easy to use and can be recovered in case of a theft. The standard Indian Rupee is also used in Varanasi as all over India. Notes are in the denominations of Rs. 1000, Rs. 500, Rs.100, Rs.50, Rs.10 and Rs. 5. You can also find coins in the denomination of Rs.10, Rs.5, Rs.2 and Re.1.

Many notes in circulation are in poor condition and you should avoid accepting a torn note as change as you may have a problem getting it accepted elsewhere. Banks are efficient in India, even if changing money at one does require time and patience with the paperwork. The banks offer good exchange rates when compared with moneychangers at high-class hotels and the airport offering some of the worst rate. Avoid changing money through any unauthorized agents. ATMs are also widely available in Varanasi. Make sure you plan when to change up money as public holidays and religious festivals can interfere with bank opening hours. Save your exchange receipts as you may need to show these for visa extensions and when converting rupees back at the end of your trip.

There are many reliable banks in Varanasi that provide the facility of currency exchange. Credit cards like Visa, MasterCard, etc. are accepted by most hotels and restaurants and one can also withdraw money against these cards. It is also possible to get cash advances in rupees using a credit card at a bank - a useful backup. Always exchange your money in a reputed and reliable money exchange bureau or bank. Do not hesitate to inform the Police and your embassy in case of a theft. Given below is a list of banks where you can avail the facility of currency exchange:

Bank of Baroda

Central Bank of India

Centurion Bank

State Bank of India

Bank of India

Punjab National Bank



UTI Bank