Like anywhere else in India, the voltage in Varanasi is also the same. The current flow in Varanasi is about 220 volts alternating at 50 cycles per second. It is advisable that you check your electric gadgets like shaving razor, dryer, electric toothbrushes, chargers, etc. if they can be used over here. In case they do not work on 220 volts, you can buy a voltage converter that shall help you use your electrical appliances here. The electricity and voltage of Varanasi is provided by the Electricity department of the state.

While in Varanasi, it is advisable that you keep round pin plugs instead of the flat pin plugs that are used in most western countries. It is advisable that you carry a combination plug adapter that can be used for both round as well as flat pin plugs. If you do not have such an adapter, you can always buy one from an electrical shop in Varanasi. Most of the hotels in Varanasi have 24 hour back up in case of an electricity malfunction so there is no need to worry in case of a black out. Power cuts are common, sometimes occurring several times a day.